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Solar Minimum Extreme Gardening 1

Solar Minimum Extreme Gardening

Solar Minimum things that have a direct affect on your garden The world is going through some severe climate changes. These changes have started to affect the entire world, but there are some regions that are being affected the most and quite severely. From blistering fires of the Amazon and […]

Spider Mites 11 Actionable Tips 2

Spider Mites 11 Actionable Tips

The unwelcomed pests; Spider mites Along with many other threats–that are faced by the indoor and out gardeners–spider mite infestation is also one serious hazard. Planting a garden is a systematic process, requiring precise attention and notoriety. Once you have cultivated the plants, the actual care begins afterward. You have […]

Perlite 7 Easy Uses For Beginners 3

Perlite 7 Easy Uses For Beginners

All about Perlite Gardening is fun and therapeutic, especially when you are doing it on your own. It is a great responsibility to take care of your plants, it’s just like taking care of a baby who is entirely dependent on you. Just like you have to feed a baby, […]

How To Collect Rainwater For Gardening (Must Read) 5

How To Collect Rainwater For Gardening (Must Read)

How to Collect Rainwater for Gardening? Yes! A post dedicated to helping those in areas currently undergoing droughts. California: 93.91 percent of the state in severe drought or worse Nevada: 86.99 percent Oregon: 68.48 percent Utah: 34.38 percent Arizona: 29.26 percent Idaho: 26.19 percent Washington: 23.76 percent New Mexico: 11.95 […]