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Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options

If you have a special gardener in your life, I bet you understand how notoriously hard it can be to get a gift for them. In this post we go into products we have ordered and give an honest review of our gardening gift ideas!

As each year passes by, gardeners tend to focus on owning everything they need for their gardening.

And besides that, people’s tastes and preferences change a lot over time. Gardening gift ideas at times can become a daunting task.

This leaves you with no option but to venture into some of the most outrageous territories just to get them something they will fall in love with.

Gardening Gift Ideas Flowers in field

A Beautiful Garden

There is a whole list of things every gardener secretly wishes they owned. In that case, you might need to do a little stalking prior to the gift shopping.

Also, as you get a cool gift remember to make it as personalized as possible to so that it appeals to the desires of the giftee.

This is because despite how extreme a person’s personality and likes might be, there is something special for everyone out there.

You just need to find out which one.

Therefore, if you have that family or friend with an obsession with gardening, this article is in your best interest. Below we will focus on  gardening gift ideas.

Gifts for Gardeners Amazon

Our article will feature a short description of each gift as well as any other information that will help you to get a unique and creative gift for that special gardener in your life.

  Below you will find images that link directly to Amazon. Check below for current pricing!

12 Gardening Themed Gift Ideas That Will Never Fail You
A Growing Light

Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 1Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 2

Growing Light

As you get a gift for the special gardener, the point is not only getting something fancy and attractive but something that will make plenty of tasks easier and more enjoyable.

And that is why here we have the growing light kit which is ideal for any gardener who loves to grow their own seedlings as well as micro greens.

Also, if your special gardener likes having their plants indoors all year or extending the growing season, this gift is priceless to them.

This is an affordable light that we have used and gives a rather nice spectrum of light. We own it and recommend it, it will provide results affordably. The one down side is its 12 by 12. It’s ideal for for someone doing small space gardening.

A Wheelbarrow Organizer
When getting a gift for a gardener, it’s necessary to let the gifts remain creative at the same time useful.

Get a wheelbarrow organizer for that special gardener in your life and they will realize how much they were missing out without this.

This is because, now they will be able to carry the tools along instead of having just one big space for hauling rocks, dirt, and plants.

Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 3Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 4

Wheelbarrow Organizer

The wheelbarrow organizer minimizes those back and forth trips to get the tools as well as other gardening requirements.

The wheelbarrow organizer ensures that you get everything you need with just a single trip.

This is because it can comfortably hold a spade, a rake, a tray of plants as well as water bottles so that you don’t get parched on the job.

This is the ultimate gardening game changer for that gardener.

Best Gardening Gift ideas for under $100.00

Gardening Gloves
Every gardener needs a pair of gloves to keep their hands clean and safe.

As obvious as it looks, most gardeners will always forget to get nice gloves for their outdoor gardening activities.
And this presents to us the perfect opportunity for a well-thought gift.

Also, besides keeping the hands off dust and bacteria in the yard, they protect the gardener from thorns and weeds.

Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 5Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 6

Gardening Gloves

The fact that these gardening gloves are puncture resistant and waterproof they are the perfect choice for pruning thorny plants like roses and digging in the dirt.

Also, the gloves are not gendered sensitive, therefore, a good selection for both male and female gardeners.

In that case, you can get one of these gloves for any of your gardening fanatic in your family.

We purchased these gloves for $10.00. They really are well made and worth the investment. So far we have them for 2 seasons and quite happy with the quality. Highly recommended!

Gardening Gift ideas A Plant Stand
A plant stand is an impressive gift for any gardener.

Besides giving the gardener the chance to beautifully display their favorite flowers and plants, it makes a great timeless décor to any home.

The plant stand is fashionable and appealing to any indoor style and design hence making it a great alternative to the traditional style of the hanging baskets (although the hanging baskets are pretty creative too).

Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 7Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 8

Plant Stand

Therefore, if your favorite gardener loves to show the beauty and elegance of their flowers especially in the warmer months, this might be just the perfect gift for them

. Just make sure you make the moment special as you deliver it. What more would your gardener giftee ask for?

A Self-Watering Planter
If there is one frustrating moment if you are a gardener is going away for a vacation.

This is a good time that should be spent with family and friends.

But, instead of having fun you are always worried about the well-being of the potted plants and flowers back at home.

Therefore, if you are looking for a gift to give your special gardener, a self-watering planter is the real deal.

The self-watering planter ensures that you can now rest easy knowing that your plants have a nourishing bath of nutrients, oxygen, and water.

This planter is the perfect gift for any gardener. With the planter, your giftee will no longer have to worry about coming back home to dead plants after their vacation.

This aquaphoric planter is accurate and easy to use. And for that reason, no more issues of soggy or wilted plants.

Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 9Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 10

Self-Watering Planter

A Gardening Tool Belt
A gardening tool belt is a well-thought-of gift for any gardener.

With the belt, you could easily hook all your tools on your hip.

Therefore, there is no more going back and forth for tools or losing your tools on the ground as you are gardening.

Also, the best thing about the tool belt you will always be prepared for any impromptu gardening.

The feminine flare this gardening belt adds makes it a perfect gift for any fashionable female gardener, makes and ideal gardening gift idea.

Trust me the giftee will appreciate the fact that they don’t have to run downstairs or to the garage every time they are working on a project.

Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 11Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 12

Gardening Tools Belt for Ladies

All they have to do is slide their hands into the many pockets of the belt to reach out for the required tool.

Simply a hassle-free experience. Get on of this for your favorite female gardener and make her days better.

Gifts For The Gardener Who Has Everything

A Folding Garden Stool with a Tool bag and Garden Tools

There are very few garden tasks that can be done while someone is sitting.

Most of the tasks need you to stand or squat, but when it’s time to take the load off, you can use the folding garden stool and your knees can’t thank you enough.

This folding gardening stool makes a perfect gift for both friends, parents and other family members.

It features a fold able gardening stool, latex free working gloves as well as a kneeling pad.

It also comes with a tools bag with all kinds of tools needed for home gardening tasks.

Such include; weeding, pruning, transplanting and more.

Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 13Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 14

Folding Gardening Stool with a Tools Bag and Garden Tools

The tools set especially is a great addition for anyone who’s just getting started on gardening and they might need to freshen up their tools collection.

However, generally, it’s just the perfect gift for that special someone with a garden.

Gardening Journal Notebook
Gardening is one of the most demanding and humbling tasks.

It comes with a lot of trials, tribulations, errors as well as lessons.

Therefore, it’s more of a journey and there is always a lot to be learned along the way.

That is why it’s great if you would consider getting one of these gardening journal notebooks for your special gardener.

They will be able to keep track of everything along the way with this journal.

The notebook features practical sections that will help them to stay organized.

Through the monthly checklists, the gardening plans and the gardening shopping lists the gardener will have everything in check.

Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 15Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 16

Gardening Journal Handbook

This will always be a great way for the gardener to look back and see what they have done and what they are yet to accomplish.

This journal notebook will help to keep them focused and work on different ways to improve their gardening in the future.

This is the best way to give that special gardener in your life an organized as well as a hassle-free approach to gardening.

Gifts For Vegetable Gardeners

Kneeling Pads
Any gardener understands the importance of kneeling pads.

They are comfortable, thick and make gardening more enjoyable.

Therefore, if you would like to get a gardening and yard gift for your favorite person, here is the real deal.
It helps the gardener work comfortably despite the nature of the surface.

May it be wet grass, gravel, hard floor or on top of sticks.

Also, you can use it for other indoor activities like house cleaning.
The kneeling pad comes in diverse colors, therefore, you can get the gardener’s favorite color.

Also, it comes with easy cleaning procedures therefore after a long day at the garden, all you have to do is give it a gentle rinse under the tap then wipe it dry.

This kneeling pad has also proven to withstand the test of time.

Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 17Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 18

Kneeling Pad

The built-in handle helps the gardener to carry it around as well as adjust it to the right position when working in the garden. Get your special gardener a kneeling pad and they will forever say goodbye to knees aches and sores.

Compost Bin Tumbler

A compost bin is a perfect gift idea for any organic gardener.

Besides being ultimately functional, this composter bin could save a lot of money for the gardener in the long term.

They can use it to produce either solid or liquid compost hence very convenient.

Also, this composter bin comes with an elegant and sleek design, therefore, it can be placed near any home whether living in an apartment or in a suburb.

Actually, the compost bin makes it possible to make compost right at the balcony. The best thing is that the gardener will have a mess-free and pleasant experience.

Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 19Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 20

Compost Bin
Therefore, instead of them buying compost every other time, they can always make their own to help replenish nutrients to the plants and flowers around the home.

This is the best gift that will give you the value for the price.

Garden Hat
A big and floppy sun hat is everything especially if you are gardening in the hot summer. The hot temperatures are never friendly to anyone, therefore; the hat will offer ultimate sun protection while working in the garden.

If you are looking for a summer gardening gift, search no more here is a perfect choice.

Therefore, if you have any female gardener you consider special, you can surprise them with one of these hats. The hat is practical, attractive and fits any small to medium sized woman.

Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 21Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 22

Gardening Hat

It also comes in a verity of colors, therefore, you can get their favorite color in order to make it more personalized.

Animal Pest Repellent
There is nothing as discouraging as dedicating your time, money an energy in taking care of your garden then the critters come and destroys it all.

Digging, planting and weeding a garden is never an easy task and it requires a lot of dedication from the gardener.

Therefore, if you have a friend or family member whoever complains about the pests, this animal pest repellent is a great gardening gift idea!

The repellent uses ultrasonic sounds heard by most humans and LED lights to scare away pests. The best thing about it is that its adjustable to the specification of a particular pest in your garden.

It may be the rodents, birds or raccoons. They all can be chased away with this animal pest repellent.

Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 23Gardening Gift Ideas 12 Affordable Options 24

Animal pest Repellent
The repellent is waterproof as well as solar powered. In that case, it uses renewable energy hence saving energy and conserving the environment.

Also, you need not worry about its safety during the rainy days. You will never lack something special out there to give your special gardener! A wonderful gardening gift idea!


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